We are a global network of over 300 researchers and health care professionals dedicated to improving maternal and newborn health in 27 countries.


This website provides clinicians and researchers access to the INTERGROWTH-21st Global Perinatal Package. This package is comprised of new, globally-validated standards and practical training resources. The following standards available to download now:


These standards are paired with an expanding Training Toolkit and a rich body of literature on our methods.


Policymakers may be interested in learning our progress with dissemination so far, and the implications of our new standards for health policy.



A selection of INTERGROWTH-21st-related news articles from around the world and information regarding press inquiries is available on our Media page.




INTERGROWTH-21st International Fetal Growth Standards

Latest charts available

New INTERGROWTH-21st Fetal Growth Standards charts for measurements of head circumference (HC), bi-parietal diameter (BPD), occipito-frontal diameter (OFD), femur length (FL) and abdominal circumference (AC) are now available for download. Read more

International Pediatric Association features INTERGROWTH-21st in first global newsletter of 2015

President-elect Zulfiqar Bhutta says INTERGROWTH-21st results are "message of hope"

President-elect of the International Pediatric Association (IPA) and INTERGROWTH-21st Consortium Member Zulfiqar Bhutta has co-authored a piece with INTERGROWTH-21st Co-Chief Investigators Stephen Kennedy and Jose Villar and Dr. Jane Hirst, dissemination lead for the INTERGROWTH-21st Project, about the Project's breakthrough ... Read more

New, Free Maternal Infections Online Training Course

Maternal Infections is a free, online, open access training course developed by the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the University of Oxford, Harvard Maternal Health Taskforce, The Global Health Network and the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and ... Read more

A universal measuring stick

International group proposes ideal growth standard for fetuses and newborns

Human babies, under ideal conditions, are almost always born the same size. After spending an average of 40 weeks well protected and fed in the womb, they come into the world approximately 50 cm long. This size may vary two ... Read more