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Fetal growth references currently in-use

Thank you. When we get to know about EFW charts.... Amongst given HC, AC, FL .. which one gives a better idea about small babies? Traditional teaching is that AC gives better ...

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Fetal growth references currently in-use

Jane Hirst commented:

Hi Karen, The INTERGROWTH-21st study is certainly not suggesting that you abandon the measurement of fetal growth antenatally, indeed the opposite is true. The concept to understand is that the INTERGROWTH charts ...

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Fetal growth references currently in-use

karen Richards commented:

Hi, In New zealand we are currently using customised GROW charts as gold standard for assessing fetal growth from 26-28 weeks. Population based charts have been shown to miss many SGA babies. ...

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“Rethinking Health Care Ethics”: new open access (free download) book from Palgrave Macmillan

This blog is closed to new posts due to inactivity. The post remains here as part of the network’s archive ...

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