Rush University Medical Center has produced PROVIDE – A Training Compendium on Providing Mothers’ Own Milk in NICU Settings, to train healthcare professionals in mothers’ own milk (MOM) feeding practices in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) worldwide. It is available on The Global Health Network’s knowledge platform LactaHub:

Combining decades of research with clinical practice, the open access PROVIDE Training Compendium covers the essentials of MOM feeding and lactation care that are specific to NICUs. Included will be:

• Over 40 videos featuring staff, infants and families in live NICU settings, accompanied by evidence as well as clear step by step guidance.

• Over 20 information sheets appropriate for NICU staff, trainers and families presented in a fact-based, straightforward manner with illustrative artwork. 

MOM feeding is a lifesaving intervention for preterm infants. MOM helps to develop healthy lungs, brains, intestines, digestive and immune systems, protecting these infants from serious and costly health complications. The benefits of MOM feeding also extend into adulthood. Breastmilk has been shown to provide lifelong preventative benefits against chronic illnesses including allergy and asthma, diabetes and heart disease. 

Fully digitalised for global dissemination, the PROVIDE Training Compendium can be locally adapted with translations and subtitles. Healthcare professionals can access it in English at no cost on
LactaHub – a resource for evidence-based breastfeeding intelligence.

Register for a webinar on 6 August 2020 (8:00-9:30 am Chicago, USA/2:00-3:30 pm Oxford, UK) 

Please join The Global Health Network, LactaHub and PROVIDE Training Compendium creator Dr Paula P. Meier, Professor of Pediatrics and Nursing at Rush University Medical Center, for a tour by registering here on Zoom (max. 500 participants).

The webinar will also be streamed live on The Global Health Network Facebook page. Questions can be asked via Zoom or Facebook Messenger.

(Image credit: Illustration by Nadja Stadelmann)