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Dr Eric Ohuma, who was the statistician for the INTERGROWTH-21st project, has won a teaching award as the 'Most Acclaimed Lecturer' by the Oxford Student Union.

The Students’ Union Teaching Awards recognises the teachers, tutors and staff who make a positive difference to students’ experience and lives while at Oxford.

The winners were announced at a ceremony at the Ashmolean Museum on 9th May 2019.
Among the awarded academics was Dr Eric Ohuma, the statistician of the INTERGROWTH-21st Project who teaches statistics to students of medical background.

Dr Ohuma was awarded the ‘Most Acclaimed Lecturer’ award after being nominated by his students with the following words:

Most Acclaimed Lecturer
Winner-Dr Eric Ohuma, Tropical Medicine
“Eric teaches statistics, a subject we (people from medical backgrounds) have strong preconcieved opinions about. All through Michaelmas term, Eric explained every single concept in the most detailed way, until every single person in class understood. He brought in fun methods of testing our knowledge such as an online voting system with funny background music, it was sure to capture our attention all through the lecture. Afterwards, he stayed in the department for (un-Godly) late hours, answering questions and concerns about not only his subject but also about exam taking strategies and other (random) concerns. If you ask anyone in our cohort, I think we all agree; he's the most acclaimed lecturer in this university.”